MB Anlagenbau offers its customers a complete service package: From consultancy, planning, manufacture and delivery to the assembly of acoustic components with a focus on soundproof enclosures, encapsulations and partition walls.

We analyse the given task on-site and prepare a specific and optimised solution and provide our customers with high quality products as well as reliable service.

Customer satisfaction is paramount in all we do and our motivation day by day. Our sound protection systems can be found around the globe and our customers in all areas with high levels of noise such as the automobile industry, mechanical and plant engineering, power plant construction, recycling, printing, the chemical industry…..


Basis for any acoustic measure is the analysis of causes and reasons of noise. Project specific construction of sound protection measures are planned together with the customer.

Causes of noise pollution are determined at source by state-of-the-art measuring systems under consideration of customer specific operating sequences and spatial factors.

On that basis our Sales Staff is happy to provide advice and draft a sound protection concept individually tailored to our customer.
Advisory service is done via a qualified sales system and our Sales Staff is available at all times and will provide on-site advice taking costs and benefits into consideration.

By measuring sound levels at its source our engineers determine and define trouble spots. We consider the economic benefit of a sound protection measure to be as important as the realisation of the intended reduction of sound level. We provide experience and expertise and the perfect solution for the acoustic problems of our customers.

No matter what the requirement – big or small, standard set-up or complex challenge – we provide the support needed in order to meet legal obligations of industrial noise control.
A specifically compiled frequency analysis provides the basis for the construction of a unique noise control measure. This helps us to determine individual requirements and based on such data we design measures tailored to customer needs.

Our on-site noise measurements allow us to draft a custom-made noise control system for the work station or noise polluted area.
As and if required we will conduct sound measurements on customer premises to determine characteristics and scope of noise. This data serves as the basis for all subsequent calculations. The frequency range of noise such as local conditions as well as number, location and installation concentration of sound absorbers determine both the visual and acoustic design for a room. Naturally we guarantee the expected improvement in noise reduction by sound absorbers in the area concerned, for example your production hall.

The regulation in regards to the implementation of the EU directive 2002 / 44 / EC and 2003 / 10 / EC for the protection of employees against noise and vibration has become Federal Law with its publication in the Federal Law Gazette. This means that stricter requirements for the maximum permissible noise level in the work area also apply in Germany since. The values of 80 dB(A) und 85 dB(A) for sound pressure levels, spread over an average working day of eight hours, provided by the EU directive apply. If these values are exceeded when a measuring takes place in the work area the employer has to take countermeasures.

Noise measurement in noise polluted areas allows us to draft a custom-made noise control system for the work station. Our proposals for effective sound absorbing measures for walls and ceilings as well as screens, and sound protection enclosures take customer specific operational procedures into consideration. Aspects such as logistics, design and cost – benefit ratio are further parameter which directly influence a sound protection and workplace concept carefully tailored to customer requirements.

In regards to noise control concepts contact us upon entering the acoustic planning phase. Perfect results may be realized at this early stage of your project by simple means which avoid expensive “surprises” and subsequent measures in the work area.



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