Sound protection

  • Sound protection systems
  • Sound protection enclosures
  • Sound protection walls
  • Sound absorbers for HVAC units
  • Sound absorbers for industrial plants
  • Modern-design sound protection enclosures
  • Sound protection doors and gates
  • Testing stations
  • Dust protection housings
  • Machine housings
  • Acoustic measures
  • Customised designs
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Air technology

  • Ventilation systems
  • Extraction and filter systems
  • Aeration systems
  • Welding fume extraction
  • Emulsion mist extraction
  • Mechanical grit separator
  • Climatic chambers
  • Testing chambers
  • Extruder extraction systems
  • Filter systems
  • HVAC units
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Paint technology

  • Coating systems
  • Spray screens + spray enclosures
  • Paint sludge separator
  • Paint drying units
  • Chamber dryer
  • Tunnel dryer
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Paint technology

Paint solutions

Paint technology

Beyond our core business of air technology, we also offer special extraction technology for paint and varnish facilities up to a certain size. We work closely with applications engineers from the chemical, paint and varnish industry to come up with end-to-end solutions that ensure high-grade, environmentally friendly production processes.

Our product range includes underfl oor and elevated paint mist exhaust systems, evaporation areas and drying systems. The latter ensure a gentle and efficient drying process that produces great results not just with painted/ varnished materials, but also when it comes to drying/ hardening plastics or heating parts and products within the scope of functionality and quality tests.

Paint, varnish and drying technology:

  • Full painting and varnishing systems for metal, plastic and wood
  • Spray walls/ cabins
  • Paint mist extraction systems
  • Evaporation areas
  • Paint sludge removal
  • Paint and varnish drying systems
  • Chamber dryers
  • Continuous flow dryers

In close co-operation with technicians from chemistry and varnish industries we plan and produce economical production-systems for you.


Water-sprinkled spray cabin Water-sprinkled spray cabin – pipe manifold for water spreading Water-sprinkled spray cabin Heating chambers for electronic components Heating chambers for electronic components drying kiln for small components


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