Sound protection

  • Sound protection systems
  • Sound protection enclosures
  • Sound protection walls
  • Sound absorbers for HVAC units
  • Sound absorbers for industrial plants
  • Modern-design sound protection enclosures
  • Sound protection doors and gates
  • Testing stations
  • Dust protection housings
  • Machine housings
  • Acoustic measures
  • Customised designs
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Air technology

  • Ventilation systems
  • Extraction and filter systems
  • Aeration systems
  • Welding fume extraction
  • Emulsion mist extraction
  • Mechanical grit separator
  • Climatic chambers
  • Testing chambers
  • Extruder extraction systems
  • Filter systems
  • HVAC units
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Lackieren & Trocknen

Paint technology

  • Coating systems
  • Spray screens + spray enclosures
  • Paint sludge separator
  • Paint drying units
  • Chamber dryer
  • Tunnel dryer
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Our core business revolves around sound protection systems. A lot of processes and industries are faced with annoying noise, which, over time, can lead to illness. However, help is at hand as our long-standing experience and extensive product development processes allow us to offer systems that provide efficient sound protection to meet the specific requirements of the customer while also adhering to relevant legislation.

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A lot of our sound protection systems require controlled air supply or exhaust systems or even air conditioning.

As a result of this, we’re also experienced specialists when it comes to air technology and continue to build on our long-standing expertise.

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Beyond our core business of air technology, we also offer special extraction technology for paint and varnish facilities up to a certain size.

We work closely with applications engineers from the chemical, paint and varnish industry to come up with end-to-end solutions that ensure high-grade, environmentally friendly production processes.

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