Systems that make things better

Sound protection, air technology and paint drying are our specialist fi elds, and they all have two things in common. Air is the first thing as it transports a number of things such as sound waves and also acts as a heat-transfer medium. The second thing is more important to our customers, and that is end-to-end improvement no matter where our systems are used thanks to less noise, better air quality, and more effi cient production processes.

Systems that make things better

Our company was established in 1982 and we’re proud of our ever-growing client base that continually places their trust in our solutions. As a customer-oriented mid-sized company, we’ve always set great store on fi rst-rate quality, customised solutions, and a broad range of services. We advise our clients on their projects, and then use state-of-the-art CAD tools to develop and plan them. We then turn our developments into reality thanks to production processes fl anked by our EN ISO 9001 certified quality management – standard as well as customised, tailored to customer requirements.

As a specialist within the sense of § 19 l of the German Federal Water Act (WHG), we can also install, maintain and clean systems used to store, fi ll, manufacture and treat substances that are hazardous to water as well as systems intended for use with substances that are hazardous to water. Naturally we also have staff on hand to ensure that installation takes place correctly, both here in Germany and abroad. We link top functionality with great visual appeal, meaning that our technology meets our customers‘ every need.


We provide sound protection, air and drying technology for the following industries and applications:

  • Automotive industry
  • Machine manufacture and mechanical engineering
  • Print industry
  • Quarries
  • Brickyards
  • Thermal coatings
  • Foundries and steel works
  • Rolling mills and splitting machines
  • Pressing, punching and stamping machines
  • Glass manufacture
  • Energy supply
  • Compressor and supercharger manufacture
  • Sorting and recycling
  • Plastics industry
  • Turbines, CHPs, generators


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